Wall Art: Adding more art to your art

By Lisa, 27 June, 2012

Total Cost of Project: $33.00 (which includes paint and canvases)

I wanted an abstract art piece for our dining room. In stores the prices were outrageous, I was looking to spend anywhere from $80-$200 for artwork just in our dinning room. I wanted something different and something that "popped out at you." After looking around in multiple stores I decided to sketch out my own ideas. I started off by creating this 4 canvas art piece. I really like the colors at the time, then after months of looking at it on the wall  I realized two things, one, I am not into this "electric blue" anymore and two the art piece seems a little small for the wall.

The concept of this piece is really interesting and I learned it back in one of my studio classes in college. I wish I saved my pictures on how I did this but I will do my best to explain how I came up with this:

  1. I took my picture out of a magazine and I analyzed the picture and found 4 areas that I thought were pretty neat looking.
  2. I boxed off those 4 areas (with a perfect square since my canvases were perfect squares.
  3. The idea of boxing the areas off is that you will be transferring each box to one canvas. So really what helped me out was I used one sheet of paper per image and sketched out the image. Now you are able to see the image in a bigger picture.
  4. I then sketched out each image on the canvas. This is not a free hand painting, if you can do it great! I found that there was just so many little details that I had plan out before painting it.
  5. Once your images are sketched out you can begin painting!

So after a change in color and adding two more canvas's I came up with this...

When we moved into our new home, I thought this piece would be perfect for this wall in our Master suite. The color was not appealing to me anymore so I ended up changing it.

I think this piece just fits in so well to our Master suite now!


Amy (not verified)

11 years 3 months ago

I love them Lisa...very nice!! :)


11 years 3 months ago

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Thanks! I do too! :)