Guest Room finishing touches

By Lisa, 24 January, 2013

The theme for the guest room is beachy with a slight touch of nautical. I have to get the SLR camera setup with the wide lens so that I can capture everything in this room. (Please excuse the messy desk off to the side, there are many more art projects in the works)

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I repainted these ceramic fish that have been in the family for years, they have gone from pearl white to cerulean a golden brown (a color that I pulled from the bedspread), these 3 fish add a hint of nautical to the room.


I had to first prime it since it is ceramic, then I used acrylic paint that i mixed to match the color that I wanted.

Drapes: I found the fabric on sale at Joanne's and it was about $17.00. I have sewed in the past so these drapes were fairly easy to make. The key was creating a tall room, by hanging the drapes higher above the window you can easily give it that feel. On another note, I do not have my sewing machine because my mom currently is using it. So there were completely hand sewed!

Beachy Shell Frame:

Supplies Needed: Wood Frames, Sand Paper, Paint, Hot Glue Gun and Shells from the Beach.

Its a good idea to sand the wood before you paint. I didn't spend too much time sanding it because I still wanted it to have a "rough" look.

These shells we have collected for years together. They have come all over East and West coast of Florida. I really wanted to find a way to display them, some of them are pretty unique, so with our beachy/nautical guest room they fit in just perfect!


Projects left to do in this room: Create a headboard, and finish decorating wall above desk!