Old Bench Revamp!

By Lisa, 4 February, 2014

Old Bench Revamp!


So I have been looking for a piece for our foyer and while shopping around I stumbled upon this bench. Now my thought when I saw this was how hideous, it looks like something that belongs in Miami subs (for those of you that are not familiar with MS, just think really tacky Floridan.

12191665954_c8801327f1_hAfter looking beyond all the pink paint and flower material, I thought this is the piece I am looking for!

I wanted to bring it back to its original, it took about 2 weeks to complete and I have surprised myself once again! I absolutely love the new look!

First I had to strip the paint, this was probably the biggest mess, it was pink then white, then cream and then parts of it were green.  12191881586_f7956b5637_h12191383295_9f36e81b16_h5It was really difficult getting in between the grooves of the design, thankfully the paint stripper made the job a little bit easier.

12191775274_527fc8d4f5_hOnce I removed all the paint from the bench, I followed the 4-step sanding process.12191933955_a19f4c3762_hThis is after the 4-step sanding process12192478454_05ef18e4ec_h12192528834_84a0d9b832_hThen I used mineral spirits to clean up the wood. Then I had to take the paint scrapper and get into all the little grooves to remove all the hints of paint.12192366433_da71f79061_h12192234683_949d816995_hAfter Mineral Spirits, I applied a pre-stain wood conditioner, this is to help penetrate the grains of the wood and prepare it for the final stain.

I do not know too much about wood, but I have finished a few wood pieces in the past. This wood after being stripped and sanded was a much darker wood than anything I have worked with in the past. My plan was to use Cherry stain (for a darker wood look) I was a little leery about it, I didn't know if the wood would come out super dark, but I still went with it and used the cherry stain.

12193020046_e656134715_h12193105686_71a3b9d64a_hAbove, is the piece completely stained, with the original bench cushion. I stripped the cushion from its Floridan look. It wasn't in bad condition so I decided to leave it and re-upholster.

Now this is my first time doing upholstery and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it!

12192998343_c7d6f77442_h812192926634_08e7116c31_hI covered the cushion in a white fabic and made sure all corners were up to my OCD standards.

12192518655_e1b599231c_hThen I decided to go with a burlap, one because it is the new thing, everything is burlap! But second it neutral and go with everything in the house. So then I started upholstering the cushion with the burlap material.

12192944503_5937800def_h12193316196_47b6e7557d_hI really thought some burlap buttons would just finish the piece off just right. I searched online how to make covered buttons, it seemed pretty easy. When I went to the craft store to find the type of buttons I needed it was going to cost about $12-13.00, just for plain buttons! So I actually bought a "covered buttons kit" for $10.00, it came with 10 buttons and it made the process super easy. Plus if you can buy the replacement buttons and still use the kit to cover them.

12193143264_9ea5c7355d_h12192998343_c7d6f77442_h12193008003_1ee3d897c9_h12193041363_a687d67fba_hThe buttons came out perfect! I then sewed them onto the cushion and through the cushion board. I used picture hanging wire to run the buttons through. Its a little bit more heavy duty then thread.

After the cushion was completed, the final step was applying the polyurethane to the wood. It only needed one coat.

12193060733_51eba3fc42_hI am in love with this piece, I had so much fun bringing it back to life!

Here is the finished product in better lighting!

1 2Total cost of project $58.00


  • $25.00 for Bench
  • $16.00 for Paint stripper (have alot leftover for upcoming projects)
  • $7.00 for Burlap
  • $10.00 Button kit
  • I already had the following products: All the 4-step sanding materials, Cherry stain, Polyurethane, brushes, rags, paint scrappers, sewing supplies for buttons, gloves.)