Canvas Wall Art

By Lisa, 2 November, 2014

Floral Wall Art

We FINALLY picked a color and finished painting our Master Bathroom. I love it! Its very warm and goes well with the tile as well as with our Master bedroom color scheme.

I of course started out browsing Pinterest for ideas. I wanted something simple but that went well with the colors in the bathroom. I decided to sketch this floral/sunburst idea. I ended up loving the idea and the colors I chose are perfect! The other great thing about is that if I ever want to change the color scheme in the bathroom or go a little bold, all I have to do is repaint the piece.

Here are some pictures along the process:

Picking a background color: I didn't want the same color as the wall I wanted it to offset it a little. So with the millions of paint samples from home depot I found a color that worked, I chose the very first paint sample.

IMG_20141021_190216 (2)Next step was painting the canvas, after that I began to sketch. Sketching in this case was a really bad idea I smudged a good part of the canvas and spent alot of time (after the project was done) cleaning it up with a rubber eraser and paint touch-ups. You think all those hours in an art studio I would remember this?

IMG_20141023_164208 (2)Then it was time to paint, the painting was obviously what took the most amount of time. But it all pays off in the end when its crisp and clean!

IMG_20141026_151548 (2)Here is the finished product, I ended up changing the "lavender" color to a gray color. I am pleased with the end result and the gray matches the title grout exactly. I am all about coordinating!

IMG_20141028_172939 (2)

IMG_20141027_210610 (2)This project did not cost me anything because I had all the materials on hand. If you had to go buy all the materials in store it would probably cost around $20.00. The canvas's are the most expensive I always purchase them when they are half off (and stock up.)

And now I share with you something no one else has!

IMG_20141028_172925 (2)15651292685_d67246a2b0_k (2)