Nursery Giraffe Wall Art

By Lisa, 23 July, 2015

I thought it would be cute to add giraffe's into the jungle gender neutral nursery. I am so excited to share with you today my creation!


  • Canvas (15 x 30) because giraffe's are long and it just made sense.
  • Burlap- I purchased 4 yards of burlap, its cheap enough and I use it alot for other projects
  • Fabric for your animal of choice (I found giraffe print)
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing chalk
  • Hot glue gun


16428098901_66e81c5e21_oFirst I cut the burlap to fit my canvas, leaving enough to overlap over the sides so that I would have enough room to staple it down.

Then I ironed the burlap


After ironing, I started stapling the burlap to the canvas. I used a lot of staples to ensure that it would hold.

16242849260_c211c7f0cb_o(1)Once the burlap in tact on the canvas I started tracing my giraffe outline with the sewing chalf on the back side of the giraffe print fabric. It was nice because I could draw and erase as I went. Once it was to my liking I started cutting the giraffe pattern out.

16318347850_2ec5554df5_oI saved the face for last since it was the most intricate part of the giraffe.

16513803172_9c10bfeace_oOnce the giraffe was cut out, I decided to stitch a darker thread along the outline of the giraffe. It just gives it more of a finished product.

After the giraffe was completed it was time to hot glue the giraffe onto the canvas. Its important to line up the giraffe perfectly with the canvas and glue little bits at a time so that you have a centered giraffe.

Here is the finished product!


Ilem San Martin (not verified)

6 years 11 months ago

Beautiful and very easy for someone to do.


6 years 11 months ago

In reply to by Ilem San Martin (not verified)

Thank you! It really is so easy to do! Thank you so much for stopping by!