Music for Baby

By Lisa, 1 August, 2016

A few months ago I wanted to purchase a CD player for daughter's room. I wanted to be able to play CD's while we play in her room and have her listen to classical music while going to sleep. My husband suggested we just buy a speaker and use one of our old phones and play Pandora. Yes, this would be the "cost effective" way to go. But one, we listen to the free version of Pandora, so I did not want loud commercials to wake my child up and second, I wanted to be able to play certain music at certain times. We are slowly starting a collection of up of all the Disney movie soundtracks. I thought a CD player would be the best way to go.

I wanted a cute little girl CD player for her room. My husband didn't think that would be the best way to go and after reading reviews we decided to go with something basic. My husband ordered this Boombox from Amazon, we love it. It has a radio, CD MP3 capabilities and tape player. I know who needs a tape player nowadays? I have a few children's tapes from back in my day, they still work! The MP3 function comes in handy too, if we ever wanted to hook up our phones and stream music. This Boombox is definitely something that she can grow with.

So with the new boombox, we needed to build up our collection of classical music. Classical music has become a part of our bedtime ritual. We have a few classical CD's but a few months ago I discovered "Lullaby Renditions." They are awesome! Our favorites are:


You can get the Queen audio CD here, or if you prefer streaming you can get Queen Streaming here.

index1You can get the Beatles audio CD here, or if you prefer streaming you can get The Beatles Streaming here.

These CD's are totally worth it. I recently just started listening to classical and string quartet music on Pandora. I find myself listening to them in the car (with baby), painting, and playing with my little one. I know these renditions have been around a while, but I just discovered it and they are awesome!