Top Toys: Babies 1st Year

Submitted by Lisa on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 15:15

Our child has a lot of toys, watching her play and grow over the first year we noticed she became attached to a few of these toys. The toys we chose are good for the first year and probably a bit over. They have brought entertainment to our little girl as well as us. They teach her about colors, numbers, animals and so forth. She is not only learning what color the circle is, but she is learning how to push buttons and start to understand how things work..."Cause and Effect."


I have compiled a list of not only our daughter's favorite toys but ours too. Warning: Many of the interactive toys play tunes that WILL be stuck in your head!

A lot of these toys are on sale now, which is perfect timing with Christmas around the corner! Current pricing of toys via Amazon on 12/15.

Must have toys for baby’s first year:

  1. LeapFrog My Pal Violet $13.59
  2. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! $3.34
  3. VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals- Zoo Animals $8.99 (2 pack)
  4. Fisher Price Activity Walker- $24.99
  5. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock and Stack $4.99
  6. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks $8.97
  7. Melissa & Doug, Peekaboo panda $7.99
  8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote $12.99
  9. Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill & Spill $12.49
  10. Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Riding Toy- Elephant $28.55

Some of these toys were gifts and some of these toys we purchased, based upon their reviews. If you look around, you really can try save money. For instance, we wanted to get Mabel a "Scoot Around" rider. We knew that we did not need it right away so one day we were in Target and we found it for $19.99!

Why these toys are recommended:

  1. LeapFrog My Pal Violet- This toy is perfect for diaper changes. Violet is really interactive, Mabel knows where her buttons are, and she now has the strength to keep her finger on the button and push it hard enough. What is cool about this toy is that you can personalize it. However if you decided to go for a name that is unheard of in today's world (like Mabel) then your Pal will just spell your name for you and then you can go in and pick a nickname for the toy to call your little one. The uploads are easy to do, I just hook them up to our tablet and its pretty self explanatory. Since Violet cannot say "Mabel" her nicknames on the two Pals are "Pumpkin" and "Little Monkey." The toy also gives you the options to pick your favorite color, food and animal.
  2. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! Perfect book for reading to a little one. We read this book to Mabel very early on. It must be the rhyming that she loved listening to. Now that she is on the go we can almost get through the book and every once in a while the rhymes catch her attention and she just giggles.
  3. VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals- Zoo Animals- Mabel has about 8 of these animals now, they are awesome. They all have their own names and make the sounds of whatever animal they are. They sing songs and are pretty easy to operate by any baby. Another changing table or car ride toy that we use quite often.
  4. Fisher Price Activity Walker- We purchased this toy at about 6 months. We probably should have bought it sooner. Babies who are just learning to sit up can easily play with this toy. This is an interactive toy with songs, music, numbers, colors and shapes. Mabel loves the phone. She does not like keeping the phone on the hook. So its a continuous game with her. She has learned to pull herself up on this and walk around like it is her own personal walker. The wheels have two stages, 1 is for beginners (which is where she is at right now) Once she starts walking we will move it up to 2 so that the wheels move a little more freely.
  5. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock and Stack- This toy is awesome at any age. Good for the bathtub or just playing on the floor. We find our daughter just liking the fact that she can hold them, whatever works and entertains her works for us!
  6. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks- these blocks are all over the house, but that that is a good thing. A few in her room, playpen, our bathroom. They are perfect for entertaining your little one while you are doing something (like showering) They will also be something that grows with her when she is finally able to put the blocks in the box.
  7. Melissa & Doug, Peekaboo panda- The perfect car ride toy. Every morning when we get into the car she looks for Peekaboo Panda, at around 7 months she just started opening and closing the pandas hands. Its easy to clean too, so if you want to bring it out to restaurants its the perfect "quiet toy."
  8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote- This toy we just so happen to see on sale one day and we got it super cheap. Its one of the best, she will sit on the floor and play with it for a little bit. She use to play with it in longer increments of time but now since she is walking she has daily adventures to take part in. Anyways it really interactive with music, songs, shapes, numbers.
  9. Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill & Spill- The keys are awesome for the car, Mabel does not really play with the mirror, she plays with the purse and coin purse every so often, but the COINS are awesome! They are material coins that sound like they have paper in them. She has loved the coins since the very beginning. They were perfect when we would take showers and put her in her bouncy seat right outside the shower door and just give her a coin. It would entertain her long enough to take a 7 minute shower. This is another type of toy that Mabel just likes to hold.
  10. Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Riding Toy- We eventually wanted to get one of these to push her around the house in. Like I said, we found it in Target for almost half price (Target had it originally for $39.99.) She loves this scooter, she will crawl over to it and try to get on it. She can't so she will just make noises pretty much translating to "Mommy or Daddy, I want to go for a ride!" So how can we resist, and you should see her face, its like watching a kid on a roller coaster. Whats really neat about this toy is that the seat lifts up and there is a little storage compartment. Also the the trunk of the elephant lifts up and there are 3 balls in there. It took about 2 weeks or so but Mabel figured out how to put the balls in the elephant trunk and then open the trunk to get them out. Its a pretty sweet toy and its really fun watching her learn how to play with it. We also like the fact that when she is a little bit older she can push herself around on it, so its definitely a toy she can grow into.

I hope you found this review on baby/toddler toys to be informative!


Disclaimer: These toys were either purchased by us or gifted to our daughter, I did not receive any compensation for the reviews. There are affiliate links listed above, which means if you purchase from my link I will make a small percentage of the sale. My opinions are my own.