Customized Wedding Shadow Box

By Lisa, 19 July, 2017

Wedding shadow box

You might notice by reading my blog that I love giving personalized gifts! I love coming up with ideas for big events such as weddings and the arrivals of little ones. Since one of my cousin's weddings was coming up I saw this as a perfect opportunity to make something special for them. I wanted to incorporate their names and their wedding date.

Since I have the Cricut this makes it a little easier for me and of course the possibilities are endless! I thought the shadow box would be a nice piece and they could add whatever items they wanted from their wedding into this box. I originally thought about adding felt flowers and sprucing it up. I ended up keeping the box really simple, because again, this is their box. So I left the box empty and just customized it to just their names along with their wedding date.

On a side note, I placed the lettering on the inside of the frame, this will make it easier to wipe down and prevent any future peelings of the lettering.

Here is the finished product! I am so pleased as to how it turned out! I hope they enjoy filling this box with some of their sentimental items from their wedding!