2018 Home Project Goals

By Lisa, 15 January, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! Well, another year and a few other projects have been crossed off our list. There is something satisfying about crossing tasks off my never ending to-do lists. I started creating a "Home project goals list" a few years ago and it has really helped keep us on track. Of course these are not the only things we will be working on this year. I am always crafting up smaller side projects.

This week we started our first home project of 2018! The crown molding project has begun! With That being said, here are some of the "big" projects we have lined up for 2018.

Home Project Goals

#1. Crown Molding

This has been one of our projects goals since we moved into the house 5 years ago! Of course we were not handy right off the bat nor did we have the tools that we have today. We first tackled our daughter's nursery a few years ago. With that came some challenges, like learning how to crown mold the rounded corners. Well, I am proud to say we have actually started this project in the common areas of our home!

#2. Accent Wall in Family Room

So, we have this wall in our family room. I guess you could consider it a 'feature" type wall or at least I would like to see it eventually as a feature wall. When we first moved into our home we tackled our very first wood project, we recreated some West Elm branch shelves. They actually turned out really well and I thought they tied the wall together pretty well. But after a few years of staring at them on the wall, I finally came to the realization that the wall needs more. So we went back and forth on what we should do. At first we thought we should stone the whole wall, but with that came a pretty hefty price tag. We knew that we wanted to see stone on the wall, so we eventually came up with this rough sketch. This entails breaking the wall into 3rds and making the center part of the wall in stone and then the outer thirds of the wall done in wainscotting.

Stone wall

#3. Barn Door in Master Bedroom

You can see in the picture above that our Master bathroom was not designed with an entry door to our bathroom. We have been trying to figure out the best solution to this problem for some time now. We finally thought that a barn door would be the perfect addition and would tie in pretty well with our master decor. We will be building this barn door from scratch. We have not decided on the colors but we have a pretty good idea of the barn door style that we will be modeling it after. For our barn door we will actually be making a double barn door. It is our only option for the space that we are working with.

#4. Kitchen Sink

This project is not something that we are actually doing ourselves, mainly because we are not comfortable with anything plumbing related. You see, we have a double sink in our kitchen and we have grown to hate it. We want one big sink. Its a little easier said then done though the problem is that we have granite counter tops so we are a little limited on our options with sink options. We can either stick with the same vendor who designed our sink with the 60/40 cut out or we can get the sink of our choice and have them cut our granite for a bigger price tag. We believe we are going to go with the option of sticking with the same vendor and saving a little more money and not having to cut into the granite, but we will see. Thankfully, I know a trustworthy plumber who can take care of this for us.

5. Re-caulk the Master Shower

Our Master bathroom shower has been a nightmare since we moved in five years ago. The builders never actually completed our shower correctly. You can see in the above photo that the shower was a little farther from completion on the last few final walk throughs. We have had to re-caulk our shower at least 4 times since we have moved in. Two of the times were covered by our warranty and two other times we did ourselves. Last year we went back and forth with the idea if we should just install frameless shower doors hoping that would eliminate the issue that we have been having with mold growing within the caulk. Since we have we the tools and some expertise on what we are doing we thought it would be best to save a little money and just re-caulk and put our money into something else, like new carpet (eventually)!

#6. Pick a paint color for common areas

Does anyone else feel like paint is so permanent, even though it actually is not? Well, I do. The problem is I fall in love with a color on the paint swatch and then when I go to sample the paint color on the wall it is nothing like what I envisioned. So this is the reason as to what our walls are still the bland old builder beige. Its time for a change and I am ready for the challenge. Home depot has this really awesome app called "Color Center" where you can take a picture of the room you want to paint and then choose a paint color. I really do not feel like this will help me in determining the shade of color, but it will definitely help me in determining the basic color for the walls.

#7. Wainscotting formal living areas

Wainscotting can add so much to a room, if I had it my way and I had more time, I would wainscot our whole house! But for now we are sticking with the formal rooms to give them a sense of completion and style. This is definitely a stretch goal, because there is so much entailed in the type of wainscotting we would like to see in our home.

#8. Master Bedroom Shelves

I want to create some basic "L" shaped shelves for a wall in our Master bedroom. I am hoping this will spruce up the wall a little. I sketched out a few ideas but we will see what I actually come up with!

#9. Green Thumb Additions

My green thumb has improved over the years! My Grandmother had a bright green thumb, she could bring any plant back to life. I wouldn't say I have a black thumb, but it has most definitely improved over time. I would like to add a few more things to our garden. Currently I am growing a lime a tree, a tomato plant, and some herbs (mint, parsley, thyme and oregano.)

Looking back at our project goals for 2017 and I am proud to say we did well! A few projects have been moved to the 2018 list and a few projects have just been taken off completely.

Project goals

What are some of your projects/goals for 2018?