Freshening up the Washroom

By Lisa, 18 April, 2018

Bathroom wall art
This weeks Craft Stash Challenge is PAPER! I actually was looking forward to this weeks challenge as I needed to work more on completing my daughters washroom, plus I knew a friend would be helping me out with this project...The Cricut!

It's time to make some creative wall art for our washroom. Here are the two sayings that I thought would be the perfect fit:

"Wash your worries away" and "Soak in the good vibes"

Materials for project:


So the first step was picking what paper I wanted to use. Remember, I really lightened up a dark bathroom, the walls are a pale green. So, I thought something floral would be appropriate for the room. I needed two kinds of paper, one for the background and one for the words. I thought my metallic bronze card stock would be just the right pop for the artwork.

Washroom art

The next step was coming up with the design. So over to the Cricut I went to put my creative mind to work!

I played around with the fonts a little, I am actually really happy on how it turned out. You too can make these exact pieces for your home. Here is my Wash & Soak Wall Art file

Wash & Soak

Once your image is cut, its time to start weeding.

Bathroom Wall Art

For some odd reason one of my "S's and W's" got a little messed up when they were cut. So I went ahead and re-cut both letters, because they were not able to be saved.

bathroom wall art

Next, it was time to start placing your saying out on the background. I used a ruler to line up my words so the lettering would be straight. Once I was happy with the placement, it was time to start gluing.

bathroom wall art

Here are the final pieces! I love the final product. The only things I am not 100% satisfied with is the lettering, since its metallic it has a glare at times, so its a little hard to make out the wording depending on where you are standing in the room. I might change the card stock for the lettering in the near future, but right now I love it, if you are standing in front of it! Stay tuned for the bathroom's full makeover!

Bathroom wall art

Bathroom wall art