Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Super Hero Teacher

By Lisa, 7 May, 2018

Teacher Appreciation gifts

Its Teacher Appreciation week! It's time to show our teachers how much we appreciate them! My daughter has a handful of teachers and substitute teachers in her classroom, 5 to be exact. I want to make sure we show our appreciation for all that they do.

This year, since we have 5 special teachers to focus on, I decided to create smaller gifts for each one of them, then on another day spoil them with breakfast. Then on the last day, give my daughter's main teacher a special gift.



The first part of this project is making the super hero heads and capes. The super hero heads were created on the Cricut and the capes were cut by hand.

For the super hero heads, I used a peach colored card stock for the face, a red glitter card stock for the super hero mask and blue card stock for the eyes.

Super Hero Teacher

Here is how your super hero face will look in Cricut Design. You can get my Super Hero Teacher file here.

Super hero teacher

Since your project is already created, all you need to do is go into my file and "Make It."

After your have everything cut out you pieces will look similar to mine. Now it is time to start piecing them together.

Super Hero Teacher

Start by gluing the super hero masks on faces first, then glue the eyes inside the masks. Using your red marker draw a mouth on each face.

Super Hero Teacher

The next step is to cut the hair. I modeled the first piece of how I would like it placed on the face. Once I was happy with the length, I cut 2 pieces of yarn per face.

Super Hero Teacher

Next step, using your mod podge, glue the two pieces of yarn to the top of the faces. You might have to hold it in place for a few seconds.

For the capes, I used a dark red card stock. I purchased an assortment of candy bars ranging in different sizes. I took each candy bar and measured them over the card stock and then pull the two top corner edges down. I used a hot glue gun to attach them. For me all the capes were cut out in different sizes of squares. There is really no right or wrong way to do it. Once the capes were attached, I glued the faces on top of the candy bars. I think its better to attach the cape and then the face for proportionate placement.

After the capes were attached I used my Cricut to cut small stars and then I glued them to the fronts of the capes for some added detail.

Next step, its time to create the custom tags.

Lucky for you, I have already created the tags and you can access it in the same Cricut design file: Super Hero Teacher

Teacher Super Hero

First, find a base card stock color that you are happy with. I choose a light pink card stock. Then I used one of my violet pens from my Cricut Pen Collections to have my Cricut write my saying. Next step, it is time to cut "Super Teacher." Once everything was cut, it was time to lay out all the words and start gluing. This was a little tedious, remember I have 5 sets to make!

Once the cards were made I attached them to the candy bars with tape.

Here are a few finished pictures of the Teacher's gifts! I love how they turned out!

Teacher Super Hero

Teacher Super Hero

Teacher Super Hero

Super Hero Teacher

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What fun gift ideas do you have for Teacher Appreciation week?