Halloween Movie Month (2018)

By Lisa, 9 October, 2018

Halloween Movie Month

Halloween Movie Month is here! This is a tradition that we have been doing in our household for 10 plus years! We compile a list of movies throughout the year that we want to see. For fillers we mix in a handful of classic movies! As another filler we added in "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" Every year our movie lists are different. This year, instead of watching a movie every night, we narrowed it down to a few movies a week. We have noticed over the years that our busy schedules just do not allow us to have time for a movie every night. College football is very big in our house so some Friday nights and most all Saturdays are strictly dedicated to College football!

So here it is! I am so excited to share with you my Halloween Movie List for 2018!

Halloween movie list

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Halloween Movie list

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Happy Halloween