Baby's Room: Wall Art

By Lisa, 20 June, 2012

Total Cost of Project: $27.00 (including costs of paint and canvas's)

One of my girlfriends is having a little boy and she decided to decorate his room based on the Disney movie "Cars." She was telling me how ridiculous the price of artwork was to display on the wall. I thought about some and thought, I do paintings for my house why not attempt this for her. When it comes to painting I am more the "abstract artist" I am not usually one to paint people/animals or cartoons. I did some searching online and she gave me a picture of what the baby's bedding would like and here is what I came up with...

Here is what the bedding looks like


Here are my art pieces...

[caption id="attachment_55" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I thought this added a personal touch to the room, I will paint the baby's name in the orange sign once he is born.[/caption]

The whole process probably took close to 50-60 hours. Believe it or not the checkerboard frame took the longest. Looking forward to visiting them and seeing my artwork on the walls.