Advent Calendar

By Lisa, 12 November, 2013

Advent calendar

We are super excited this year, we get to celebrate Christmas with both of our families in our new home, that's 15 family members all under one roof (you know like a "Home Alone" setup.) So much to do, so little time, here I am already thinking about all the little details and its only October! I have a million different ideas for recipes and decorating all going through my head. My sister-in-law and I are going to be planning this together!

The Advent Calendar

Here is my first project in line for Christmas, started this back in October so I could have it ready for by December 1st.

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Most of the time parents use it for children to get them all hyped up about Santa's arrival, but children aren't the only ones that get excited for Christmas! Adults and animals do to!

I am working on my own calendar that I found in one of my Craftsnthings magazines, it was fun to do and the best thing is that you can reuse it every year! Here are the instructions:

advent-calendar (2)

The instructions were fairly easy to follow, believe it or not the most difficult thing was finding the right color felt, I started this project in September and went to 3 different craft stores and a lot of the Christmas felt was already gone. Instead of tracking down the stores week by week I settled on colors that I thought would work well together.

The Stitching took a very long time, I am a perfectionist and if something is not straight it needs to be redone. The numbering of the letters was something that I did by hand it worked out well and I saved a little money in not having to buy stencils.

Here are some of the pictures throughout the crafting process:



Hand painted numbers

10178545654_ce972d8303_hIMG_20131112_221357 (2)IMG_20131112_221435 (2)IMG_20131112_221402 (2)Here it is completed with candies and dog biscuits!

IMG_20131111_200027 (2)And here is the dog waiting for December 1st to arrive

IMG_20131111_200546 (2)