Halloween Accent Pillow

By Lisa, 1 October, 2014

Halloween Accent Pillow

Halloween Accent Pillow

Halloween is just around the corner, I was trying to think of inexpensive but cute project to start. Since we have a new bench in our foyer I thought it would be really nice to spruce up that area with an accent pillow for each of the holidays.

Materials Needed:

  • Halloween fabric (I purchased 1 1/2 yards, I always like to have extra fabric)
  • Pillow pattern (McCalls 9260)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating threads
  • Sewing Chalk
  • Pins & needles
  • Pillow stuff or pre-stuffed pillow

I had a pillow pattern (McCalls 9260) So it was just a matter of picking which pillow pattern that I thought would go well with the fabric and the would look nice in the foyer.

The pattern instructions speak for themselves. I have followed a handful of patterns in my sewing days and this by far was the hardest pattern to follow. So if you are a beginner sewer I would recommend looking for an easy pattern.

First I started out by cutting out the pattern pieces that I would need. Then I pinned them to the fabric that I wanted to use and then used the pattern as a guide to cutting the fabric. IMG_20140806_211357 Then I continued to follow the pattern and piece together the fabrics.

IMG_20140806_214931Then once it was all pinned in place correctly it was time to use the sewing machine.


IMG_20140807_194808After the pillow was sewn together I used an iron to help with getting all the wrinkles out, this is the best time to use the iron (before you begin stuffing.) IMG_20140810_165926I did not sew the pillow completely, I had to leave room to stuff the pillow. A while back I bought these pillows (below) from Ikea, they were $1.99. They are perfect for little projects like this. You really cannot go wrong, they are stuffed and sewn well.

IMG_20140810_183353So then once the pillow case was stuffed with the pillow it was just a matter of sewing up the rest of the pillow.

I am pretty happy with the finished product, I cannot wait to make more pillows for the upcoming holidays!

IMG_20140924_173312 (2)