Toddler friendly Valentine's Day Treats

By Lisa, 27 January, 2017

Toddler friendly Valentine's day treatsToday I am sharing my "toddler friendly valentine" craft project. It was a toss up to figure out what to create for my child's upcoming Valentine's Day party. I went back in forth between food or stickers, I settled on the idea of food. Then I had to narrow it down to small group of "healthy-like" foods for toddlers. I figured parents would not appreciate the candy, or yet, maybe they would for themselves. Anyways, it was a toss up between "Sprout" baby puree, goldfish and puffs. I thought the puffs would be the better way to go. Then I asked her teachers and they agreed. So puffs it is!

The next step was trying to come up with a cheesy saying. There are so many Valentine's Day sayings out there. I wanted it to be unique. After coming up with a handful of cheesy sayings, my husband helped me narrow it down to this one. I browsed the internet for this saying and I cannot find it anywhere pertaining to the snack "puffs", so I think I did well.

I first created this template which you can download for free. I initially included my daughters name along with a heart on the template. But I have removed it for the free download.

Puffect friendFREE PRINTABLE template here.


  • Puffs
  • Downloadable template- I printed it on a light card stock.
  • Plastic candy/goody bags (find a coupon and go to your nearest craft store)
  • scissors
  • tape


IMG_1210Start with putting a handful of puffs into a bag. I folded the bag opening over a few times and then tape the bag. I feel the tape helps seal it a little more than a staple would.

IMG_1211The dog helped me out here, making sure all the puffs made it into the bags.

IMG_1212Then take the Valentine's Day card stock label and staple it to the bag.

IMG_1225Now you have a somewhat healthy personable Valentine's Day treat for your toddler's friends!

IMG_1223Happy Valentines Day!